Australian university style leadership training model

Australian university – style leadership training model has caused a stir.
The traditional purpose of university courses is not to cultivate students’ self-confidence, but in relatively conservative cultures such as Malaysia, confidence can help graduates stand out in the workforce.
Victoria University in Australia has introduced new learning methods to Malaysia, including group learning and public reports to train graduates’ employability.
The university of Victoria’s business degree Programme at Sunway College in Malaysia is a Twinning Programme. Students at the university of Warwick have a chance to transfer to the university of Victoria, which is similar to that of the university of Victoria. Experience, in order to let the student to obtain the pure western university sunway comprehensive experience in the Australian curriculum innovation point, promoting professional development courses in business degree course, aims to develop the students’ ability of leadership, to help them overcome only focus on academic performance in the learning process, fear to challenge the authority of the faults, the course innovation in Malaysia has caused quite a stir.
The results of the career development course went beyond the expectations of Greeja Hemalata De Silva, director of the project at the university of Warwick and Victoria university.
Mr. Silva acknowledged the challenges involved in implementing the courses. buy Australian university degree. Incorporating career development courses into school curricula shows a shift in culture and education, which requires the role of scholars to shift from instructor to facilitator. Silva realized that schools need to have a large number of teachers with both academic background and business experience.
On the learning method, a freshman also accustomed to high school rote learning mode, course requirements for university students under the guidance of teachers and professors model of team learning, most of the students are very incommensurate. buy Australian university diplomas. Students with good grades also think that group learning will have a negative impact on them, but students will feel the positive role of career planning courses when they graduate.
The university of Australia promotes the concept of teaching values in groups, and is introduced in Malaysia through schools and dual-class courses.
Although the purpose of career development course is trains the student to have the characteristics of western culture leadership and learning mode, however, help students to strengthen local culture and the fusion of western culture, rather than blindly from native culture, is also very important.

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