Cambridge opens its first foundation course

The University of Cambridge in the UK will offer the Pre-Masters programme in 2019, the first time that Cambridge has offered a Foundation Year. It is reported that the pre-graduate course of Cambridge University will involve the two aspects of engineering and business management that foreign students are most keen on. get a degree, Those who are interested in studying for a master’s degree in a famous British university can pay attention.

The Cambridge University website mentioned that the course is offered by the University of Cambridge’s School of Continuing Education, the official college of the University of Cambridge, which focuses on continuing education and short-term courses. college degrees, The course is set to one-year full-time teaching. It is expected to start in 2019 or 2020, and accept applications at the end of 2018. The profession is temporarily only in engineering and business management.

Tang Huiyan, project manager of the operation department of Amber Education Guangzhou Branch, said that the conditions for applying for the pre-master’s degree at Cambridge University are not too high. IELTS requires 6.5 points and 6 points for each individual. college diploma, For those who want to apply for a master’s degree in the UK, the undergraduate background and English ability are not too high. For competitive students, it is definitely a good opportunity. She reminded that entering this project is only the first step. After completing the preparatory course, I can successfully get a master’s degree from Cambridge University, and I need my own efforts. According to Wen Yuhua, general manager of Jinghong Education, for students whose language and academic backgrounds do not meet the requirements of direct recording, the pre-master’s degree can help improve the academic background and apply for competitiveness, and then smoothly transition to the master’s stage. Because Cambridge University offers the first pre-master’s degree, it is expected that the application competition will be very intense.

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