Kaufen, FH-Bielefeld university of Applied Sciences MA-Abschluss in Dortmund

Buy FH-Bielefeld university of Applied Sciences MA degree in Dortmund Germany, how to get FH Bielefeld certificates. Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences bachelor’s degree. Over the years, the internationality of university courses and research in Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences has continued to grow. 18% of foreign students have formed a new feature of the university. In addition to a wide range of language courses, the University offers six professional courses in English as a medium of instruction, including electrical engineering courses, two master’s programs in business administration, and two media courses jointly offered with a university in Ireland. International Master of Computer Science (JIM) in collaboration with several universities in the United States and Australia. The Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences cooperates with more than 100 foreign universities in the field of teaching and research, and encourages all students to enrich their learning careers by studying abroad at a partner university or internship with a foreign partner company. Students also have the possibility to graduate from a partner university in a country such as the UK or Ireland.

In the past five years, researchers at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences have launched more than 20 research projects in research and international partners. European partners come from Spain, Sweden, France and Finland. In addition, partners from outside Europe are also involved in research projects such as German companies’ market conditions in high-growth regions such as Brazil and China.
The University has two research and technology transfer centers and ten multidisciplinary research institutes and research teams that provide strong support for researchers and give the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences an outward-looking research. The Institute of Institutional Analysis (Sofia) is one of the research teams that partnered with another university to focus on the “city’s own logic” research project in the Hessen research project “LOEWE”. In addition, two research centers at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences are also involved in this famous project.