Diploma Seal & Emblem

We are a professional diploma company and a professional diploma company should pay attention to all the details, for many years, seal engraving has been our expertise. We can produce any type of seal, hologram, school logos, raised gold emblems, and even relief-type embossing.  Many universities and colleges use either embossing or a gold seal. the seals can be multiple colors as well. Some schools combine different methods to make the seals look as unique as possible, such as a thermographic with added gold foil, or a gold foil embossing. Other schools stick with their tradition for many decades, such as the University of London’s relief embossing.
We can also create any kind of stamp, such as self-inked, or pre-inked stamps. Many colleges and universities in Europe, especially in France and Germany, are still using ink stamps. If you only need an ink-stamp, embosser or even a seal on blank paper, we can do that too. Just send us your design or simply describe to us what you want, then you can leave the hard work to us.
Before ordering a novelty diploma and transcript, it is essential to check out the different samples of degree certificates. Judging from the logo and other parts of the sample duplicates, it is possible to get a general idea of the quality of their work. Compare the colors and tones of the print, logo, or seal of a duplicated diploma or transcript with those on the original, and try to look for any visible difference between the two certificates. A high quality novelty certificate will be visually identical to the original, even to the minutest details. View our samples so you can get a better idea of what we offer and see why we are such a successful diploma company, we take pride in our novelty degree certificates, college diplomas and transcripts.
Below are some common types of seals for showing.
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