Discussion – the importance of education

Today in the 21st century, social competition is becoming more and more fierce, and work requirements are getting higher and higher. Therefore, the level of education is particularly important, whether it is to meet the needs of the work, or to improve their personal cultural level, education can fully explain everything.

When we live in a new era, the importance of education is mainly as follows:

1. Education is the key to opening the door to the workplace.

2. It is also related to marriage. It is true that the door is right, although it does not agree, it does exist;

3. Cultural accomplishment, the starting point for going to school and not going to school is different, the foundation is different. Although different academic qualifications have different forms and different ways of obtaining, they are all recognized by the state. They can be postgraduate: undergraduate, undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s degree, or abroad, job search, promotion, salary increase, etc. However, the degree of social recognition is different. In other words, when you are applying for a degree, the Personnel Section Manager will certainly not treat different levels of education at the same time. Generally, the gold content of the academic qualification will be divided into grades. Of course, the highest gold content is the unified education, followed by self-study, adult higher education, TVU, and distance education.

Education is a stepping stone. It is the first impression you show in front of others. It is the most direct expression. There are also technologies and cultures, so that you can use technology to make others convinced, and use knowledge to let others respect you.

If you want to have more wealth opportunities and have more spiritual wealth, you can stand on the shoulders of giants and see the world. You can look at the problem from a higher angle.

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