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New Zealand has more than 2800 local public schools and nearly a private school, what is the difference between the public and private schools, and global immigration New Zealand education experts see together today, rose up experience: the category of the New Zealand schools New Zealand school basic is divided into three categories: public school and private school and church school.
Public schools are popular in New Zealand and are also the choice of most New Zealand families, and private schools and church schools are small schools.
Public schools can receive * * teaching aid, which is free to local residents;
Private schools not to school districts to define students, can according to you intend to apply for any school, * * is a zero funding to private schools, it might be, if it belongs to the Catholic church schools, so parents must be Catholic, can apply for children attend; Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
School fees are between public and private schools, not as expensive as private ones.
Public schools in public schools are divided into primary, middle and high schools, six years in primary school, two years in junior high school and five years in high school.
The children’s primary school will be changed to different junior high school to read, and then to different high schools to read.
The teaching system of public schools is New Zealand’s local NCEA curriculum, according to the teaching standards set by the ministry of education of New Zealand.
Advantage: New Zealand’s primary and secondary schools are mostly public, funded by * *, and managed by schools, without the risk of failure.
Its education quality guaranteed, and the average of hardware resources, the teaching level is high, as private schools, and the charge is lower, but the gap will not be as large as a north American public schools and private schools, more popular with Chinese parents.
The annual tuition of international students is about 8,000-12,000, and students can choose according to their own conditions.
Disadvantages: public schools are obliged to accept students from surrounding communities, so students’ level, learning ability and family background are uneven.
However, the management of public schools and the requirements of students are also strict, which can create a good learning environment for students.
Private schools: private schools usually consist of kindergarten, or first grade, all the way to the 13th grade. That is, children can study in a school from primary school to high school.
Private schools roughly divided into two kinds of teaching system, one is the CIE system, education system, which is known as Cambridge lineage of Cambridge, UK, teaching system, the test is more, the college entrance examination basically see the exam results; Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Another kind is the IB system, was originally for children of diplomats have a unified education system, now become an international standard of teaching, examination than CIE a lot less, but students at ordinary times the operation or the inspection will be in the final college entrance scores.
Different education systems have different teaching methods and assessment methods, and these differences are not obvious at high school level, but they are not obvious in primary school.
Advantage: few private primary and secondary schools in New Zealand, many private schools affiliated with religious groups, has a very ancient history, most set up in major metropolitan areas, there is no limit to the district, pay more attention to students’ individuality education and entrance ratio, the school rules strictly, pay attention to the character and the comprehensive quality training, the rate of entering college better than public schools.
The provision of private schools is abundant, with many students from wealthy families, and schools are paying high fees to hire high-quality teachers and provide more colorful extracurricular activities for students.
The source is generally a relatively wealthy class, with a single background.
Disadvantage: private school tuition will be a lot higher than public schools, be enrolled in at least $2-40000 each year, and the entrance threshold is higher, high ranking and grading of private schools are need to test and interview, the principal to measure the overall level and quality of students. Fake degree certificate maker, Diploma degree certificate maker, fake certificates, get a degree, college diploma, college degrees, fake transcripts, Get diploma certificate online.

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