A Chinese high school actually run in Canadian university

In October last year, China-Canada Fenghua International School opened a high school in the campus of Thompson River University in Kamloops, BC. CBC reported at the time that this was the first time such cooperation between Canadian universities and Chinese secondary schools. Now, there are at least two BC colleges and universities that intend to open Chinese high schools on their campuses.
They are the Kwantlen Polytechnic University and the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. “National Post” reporter Douglas Quan reported that doing so would increase the income of the university: the estimated number of the Queensland Polytechnic School is three years and 400,000 Canadian dollars.
It is also possible to create a source of foreign students who are close to the water. But such practices have also caused controversy and dissatisfaction among some teachers and students. The main reason is that these universities are public, and the high schools that open on their campuses are private.
Opponents argue that it is not appropriate for universities to rent campus facilities from public funds to private schools to make money. Another reason is that they feel that letting middle school students work on their own university campus is detrimental to the school’s reputation.
The China-Canada Maple International School uses the BC education program and currently has 60 high school students at Thompson River University. The Kentucky branch of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University plans to welcome about 100 high school students from China and Canada in September this year. The high school that negotiated with the University of Northern British Columbia is reported to belong to Beijing Sino-Canadian School and plans to start enrolling students in September 2018.