What should I do if I fail to pass the study in Australia?

What should I do if I fail to pass the study in Australia?
While studying in Australia, some students may skip the class due to physical or other circumstances, resulting in insufficient attendance.
This may cause us to fail, transfer and change majors. What should students do at this time?
When attendance does not meet the requirements, the school will first issue a warning letter to the students (please check their own school email regularly) and ask for explanations.
If the explanation fails, and even the school is expelled, the student visa is cancelled, and the consequences are not serious.
Campus explanations usually require students to explain to the school several questions:
1. Why did you fail to fail more than 50% of the courses for two consecutive semesters?
2. Why do some compulsory courses double fail or triple fail?
3. Why not enough attendance?
At the same time, students need to persuade the school they have enough ability to improve the situation, be able to continue now, of course, otherwise the students will receive section 20, was expelled from school (exclude) and report to the immigration, which student visa will be canceled.
Bear in mind: the key to the explanation lies in the quality of the written explanation.
Many students belittle the importance of the campus explanation, just looking for some common reason: said the body is unwell, language ability is not enough, and so on, but these are not sufficient to explain bad grades to school.
Also, if you don’t have a complete supporting document, the above explanation is completely invalid.
And a long, but unfocused, written explanation does not make any difference.
A reasonable written explanation shall include the following:
1. Poor performance and failure.
Pay attention to the reasons why students are uncontrollable.
2. Students believe that they can continue to successfully complete their studies.
3. Carefully analyze how students will overcome the difficulties caused by poor performance, and make real efforts to improve their academic performance.
If there are auxiliary materials, such as evidence of serious physical health problems, and so on, they should be handed over to the school with a written explanation.
After the Hearing, it will decide whether to hold a Hearing, which will be explained shortly after the Hearing.
Internal explanation process:
1. Received the letter of explanation from the school.
2. Submit written explanations within the specified time.
Attend a school hearing.
4. If successful, stay in the school to continue learning;
If you fail, you can choose an internal/external appeal.
5. Receive the result of the appeal. If successful, stay in the school to continue learning;
If you fail, you will be expelled from the school, receive section 20, and report to the immigration department.
6. Students need to be explained in immigration within 28 days (otherwise the visa will be cancelled automatically). If successful, the student visa will not be canceled, the student can continue to study in Australia. If it fails, the student visa cancelled, apply to submit an appeal to the MRT.
To apply for the Release Letter:
Release Letter refers to the termination of the student’s contract and the cancellation of the student’s registration.
In the absence of special reasons, the Release letter will not be easily issued to students, which means that students must complete at least six months of formal courses at the school.
If the course is related to the new course of students’ intention, there will be no major problems, and some credits will be lost.
However, if it is a completely different course, the loss of money will be delayed for half a year.
Therefore, some students think of the way to issue the letter of the letter.
In the past, it might have been a good idea.
However, the immigration office said that students must issue the release letter provided by the original school when the school receives transfer students who do not meet the six-month deadline.
Application for transfer
If you are in the same school, change department and major, as long as the school agrees, there is no need to inform the immigration department.
If you want to make Internal Transfer directly within the school, you can change to your favorite major.
It is suggested here that if there is nothing special in the study period, we should try to keep the attendance rate of each course.
After all, go abroad to study every day to all of us are valuable, if we spent my time wayward, abandoned their studies, will not only bring us a lot of trouble, will also give us study abroad career had many regrets!