Is the ACCA exam difficult? What is the pass rate?

How difficult is ACCA? Is the pass rate high? Many ACCA candidates have this question when they first come into contact with ACCA, because ACCA is a full English test, which is a great test for candidates’ English proficiency. Moreover, ACCA is studying international accounting standards. It is even more difficult for candidates who have only been exposed to Chinese accounting knowledge or even have no accounting basis.

However, the candidates are not too nervous, the difficulty of the ACCA exam is stepped.

The basic stage F1-F3, also known as the ‘Knowledge’ stage, is the ABC of accounting and management disciplines from scratch. There is no background in any professional knowledge. In theory: as long as students with English proficiency after high school can start learning ACCA (because the accounting and management classes in the first phase are all fundamental, such as Financial Statement – Financial Statements, Assets – Assets) are very easy to understand. The first half of the Gordon Finance zero-based course contains The Financial English course can be used to improve the financial English level.

The second phase of the course has six courses (F4–F9), and the knowledge aspect is also gradual. There are no calculations for the two purely theoretical F4 and F8. Among them, F4 is mainly based on a large number of memories (because it is a legal course). Therefore, it is very memory-like (the legal provisions are relatively rigorous). The F8 course is very similar to the F4 because the audit also emphasizes procedures and methods, as well as flowcharts. Therefore, the learning methods are basically similar. The accuracy of the lecturer’s guess is also very high.

The third stage is P1-P7, in which P1-3 belongs to the core stage, P4-P7 belongs to the elective stage, and the four subjects in the four subjects are selected to pass the examination. The difficulty of starting the P phase will be much more than that of the previous F phase, and there will be more aspects to test candidates. However, for those candidates who have successfully passed the F stage, there is nothing to stop us. Even if the difficulty is increased, the candidates’ learning ability and comprehension ability are also increasing simultaneously. It is only a matter of time before passing the P stage.

It is worth noting that the elective stage of P4-P7 is freely chosen by candidates. Candidates can choose the subjects they are good at according to their own circumstances. Among them, the number of Chinese candidates in P6 subjects is relatively small. If the P7 subjects are tested, they can apply for the right to sign the audit work in the Commonwealth countries. This is also a great help for many candidates who dream of going abroad.

Regarding the problem that English has extra difficulty for ACCA, the ACCA exam is in English, F1-F3 is a multiple-choice question, you can choose to take a computer test or a written test; after F4, the subjects are subjective written test, each question is In one case, the following is divided into a number of small questions for you to answer. Examiners of the ACCA reforms will not deduct points for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, etc. for non-English speaking candidates, as long as you can express the knowledge points with simple sentences.

Since it is difficult to talk about the ACCA exam, you have to look at the passing rate. Let’s take a look at the passing rate of ACCA subjects in December 2015.

Stage F: F1 – 84% F2 – 64% F3 – 68% F4 – 74% F5 – 41% F6 – 53% F7 – 45% F8 – 46% F9 – 45%

P stage: P1 – 47% P2 – 47% P3 – 47% P4 – 35% P5 – 29% P6 – 42% P7 – 39%

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