Buy Fake Han Chiang College Diploma in Malaysia

How to Buy Fake Han Chiang College Diploma in Malaysia? Han Chiang College (HCC) was established in 1999 as the first college of its kind in Malaysia. It is one of the three Chinese private institutions of higher learning. With the establishment of Han Institute, Han Kong Chinese School became the only school in Malaysia with a complete education system from primary, secondary to tertiary level. It is the first of its kind in the history of Chinese language education in Malaysia.
The campus is located in a secluded and convenient location on the Linleng Teng Road near Ayer Teng, Penang, and is surrounded by lush greenery and flowers. It is an ideal environment for students to pursue their studies.  In addition, HISD has a very strong Chinese culture. There is a Chinese Cultural Center in the College, which plays the role of collection and exhibition, teaching and research. The purpose of the Chinese Cultural Center is to cultivate the historical and cultural awareness of the Chinese community, enhance the humanistic concern and cultivate the Chinese community. The College’s cultural sensibility is a key component of its mission.
Currently, HISD has four faculties, namely, Communication, Chinese, Business and Management, and Multimedia and Computer Information, offering eight professional diplomas, one foundation course and four 3+0 degree programmes.
The Department of Communication was formerly known as the Han River School of Journalism and Communication, so its journalism team has been running the school for more than 20 years and has become one of the most popular and influential journalism departments in Korea. The “Golden Plaque” of Hankuk Academy. The department is characterized by its emphasis on both theory and practice, and provides students with various learning platforms, such as the student internship newspaper “Han TV News”, the internship program “Hankyoreh”, and the internship program “Hankyoreh”. Radio station “TF25”, Han River TV, Han River TV News Center and a 10-week professional internship.
As the Department of Communication has the longest history, the most comprehensive system and the most mature school system, Hankyoreh is also bidding for the establishment of the College of Media and Communication University this year. Hankyoreh has invested heavily in the construction of a well-equipped and state-of-the-art Creative Media Center (including creative workshops, editing and production rooms, editing studios, recording studios, etc.) and the Hanjiang TV Media Center, as well as the expansion and upgrading of the TV station, in order to provide a better and more comfortable learning environment for the students of the Department of Communication and to prepare for the upgrade to the College of Media and Communication University.
In addition, the Chinese Department of Hankyoreh is a joint program between Nanjing University and the Chinese Department of Hankyoreh, which is of the same standard as the Chinese Department of Nanjing University. Upon graduation, students can continue their studies at Nanjing University or other renowned universities in China and Taiwan for the third year of the Chinese Department.
In addition to the diploma course, HISHK also offers a vocational course, namely the Automotive Maintenance Course. This course is recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources and its JPK (Technology Development Authority) and is awarded the Malaysian Technical Diploma. Is anyway to buy fake Han Chiang College Diploma?
Since 2010, HISHK has been offering three 3+0 degrees in collaboration with the University of Southern Queensland (Australia) and the University of Wolverhampton (UK). The course is a 3+0 degree programme in Communication, Business Management and Broadcasting & Journalism. Holders of STPM, A levels, UEC or equivalent qualifications can proceed directly to the first year of the programme and gain entry into the 3+0 Degree Programme in Communication, Business Management and Broadcasting and Journalism. Completion of the programme in three years. Diploma holders can enter the second year of the course and will complete the course in two years. The SPM or O Levels are available for those who have completed a one-year foundation programme before entering a degree programme. Holders of SPM or O-level can complete a one-year foundation course before entering a degree programme.
In addition, HISD has established academic partnerships with more than 40 overseas universities and colleges. Graduates of our diploma courses are eligible to further their studies at prestigious universities in the UK, Australia, China and Taiwan.