Canada:Relaxing Immigration Policy for International Student

Recently, the Canadian government announced that it has increased the number of places where international students apply for permanent residency since 2012. In addition, since November 2011, foreign doctoral students have been listed in the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program. The director of the Canadian Immigration Bureau stated that the total number of immigrants in Canada will be maintained at between 240,000 and 265,000 in 2012. Since 2012, there will be 1,000 places per year for those who have applied for the “Federal Skilled Migration Program” but do not meet the “Canadian experience”. “Canadian Experience Class (CEC) conditional doctoral students. In 2012, the number of “Immigration Canada experience” will be 500 more than in 2011, reaching 7,000. There are three main considerations for the Canadian government’s immigration policy that is beneficial to international students. The first is to retain talents and prevent high-level overseas students from being forced to return to China because they can’t wait for a waiting period of 7 years. The second is to reduce the average age of immigrants. Third, there are statistics showing that international students who have obtained degrees in Canada, have working experience in Canada, have a higher level of English or French, tend to be more successful than Canadians of the same age, and have higher incomes.
The Director of the Canadian Immigration Bureau believes that the “empirical Canadian immigrants” should be the most important form of immigration in the future; however, the number of immigration in Canada is far higher than that in other developed countries. In the face of an ever-increasing population, the government needs to consider the country’s sustainable development. Ability, such as whether it can provide enough job opportunities and social service levels.