New York University Announces Free Doctoral Tuition

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New York University Announces Free Doctoral Tuition
On August 16th, New York University School of Medicine announced that in order to alleviate the pressure on medical students, they will treat each admitted and currently enrolled medical doctoral student without considering the student’s enrollment performance and economic situation. MD) offers scholarships, which cover all tuition fees. You know, New York University School of Medicine has an annual tuition fee of more than $50,000. The practice of New York University School of Medicine has envied many parents and students. fake transcripts, Many students who have received other school offers sigh: “Why don’t you have my school!”

New York University School of Medicine was ranked third in the School of Research Medicine by US News this year, second only to Harvard University and Johns Hopkins University. fake certificates, It is reported that the medical school is the first in the top 10 medical schools in the United States to provide tuition-free measures. professional certificate maker. There are currently 442 registered students, including 102 freshmen enrolled in the fall semester.

Why did this news attract the attention of many parents and students? Mainly because of the cost of studying abroad. In the United States, the cost of studying medicine is high, especially in developed cities such as Chicago and New York. Students not only have to pay high tuition fees, according to statistics, the average tuition fee of the top 20 medical schools in the United States is 53,000 US dollars per year. Please note that this is only tuition, plus living expenses, renting fees, etc., not 500,000 a year. Yuan Renminbi does not dare to apply.

According to a survey by the American Medical Association, about 75% of medical students in the United States were in debt at the time of graduation in 2017, and their average arrears were $191,000.

Applying for competition will be more intense
The high cost of medical school has always discouraged some high-quality students who are interested in medical treatment. online marksheet and diploma Certificate, The reason why New York University exempts doctoral students from tuition fees is to solve the worries of medical students, which will help alleviate the shortage of doctors. At the same time, students can develop their own medical fields and create for this society. More possibilities. Of course, students still need to pay for room and board and other living expenses. get diploma certificate online, It is worth noting that this measure has indeed benefited many students and helped them complete the “medical dream.” But it is also foreseeable that this measure will attract many applicants and the competition will be more intense.

In addition to the basic requirements of GPA, TOEFL, interview, MCAT (a standardized test required for North American Clinical Medical School), applicants are strongly advised to complete these courses at the undergraduate level: biology (with experiments), physics ( With experiments), inorganic chemistry (with experiments), organic chemistry (with experiments), biochemistry (with experiments), English, statistics. New York University School of Medicine does not have a clear score limit on the GPA and MCAT score requirements.

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