TAFE graduates earn more than college students

According to the “Australian”, the Skilling Australia Foundation conducted a survey – what value does it take for students to spend more time and money to pursue higher education? The results show that students who attend TAFE and private college courses have higher salary than those who have a degree, and they have better job prospects.
According to the research, employees with certificates and diplomas from the Australian vocational education and training institutions have a starting salary of 56,000 Australian dollars, which is 20,000 Australian dollars higher than college graduates, and they have a higher chance of finding a job.
Researcher Mark MacCrindle said: “The misconceptions about career income, employability, and course relevance have led to a customary belief that only a university certificate can guarantee future careers.”
The study was released today and reports that graduates of vocational education and training colleges may receive a maximum starting salary of A$85,400 if they have a hazardous electric power qualification, and a dental starting salary that is higher than that of college graduates (A$80,000) ) Even higher.
Nicholas Wyman, chairman of the Australian Technology Foundation, said the report would shock parents because “about 80% of parents want their children to go to college, but this is not necessarily the best choice for their children. ”
Fearghus Von Prott, 19, had just graduated from high school. He is currently pursuing a third-grade certificate in light-vehicle mechanical technology at TAFE in Sydney. This direction allows him to become an apprentice at a Mercedes-Benz store. Van Plot saw the value of vocational education and training. “I will try my best to get a certificate. After obtaining professional qualifications, my future will have more possibilities.”
He said that his two best friends successfully graduated from high school and found a job as a mechanic in the automotive industry. “Unemployment or misdirected employment has little effect on me and many of my friends. If I work hard enough, I can do a good job in a Mercedes-Benz store.”
The study found that because vocational education and training only takes 6 months to 2 years to qualify, and university degrees take 3 to 4 years, graduates of vocational education and training can enter the labor market faster. 80% of vocational and technical education students achieved immediate employment after graduation, and this proportion is 70% among university graduates.
Since 2000, Australia’s population has grown by 28%, and the number of people enrolled in universities has increased by 85% to 1.3 million. Another survey shows that the proportion of university graduates who are still looking for a job after 4 months of graduation rose from 20% before the global economic crisis to 30%.
The report said that in the next few years, 90% of jobs will increase at the fastest rate, such as sales assistants, elderly and infant care and waiters, which means that the industry needs more professional and technical training.