10 reasons for choosing a degree from Coventry University

10 reasons for choosing a degree from Coventry University. Coventry University, located in Coventry, is one of the top 40 universities in the UK. The history of Coventry University can be traced back to Coventry College of design in 1843. Coventry University, as an emerging first-class university in the UK, won the best university of the year in 2015, ranked 15th in 2016 and 2017, and 12th in 2018.

In 2017, Coventry University won the gold medal of the highest honor in the latest TEF evaluation in the UK. TEF is one of the important indicators for evaluating teaching quality. buy Coventry University degree certificate 2018. At the same time, it ranked the top four in the times’ survey of students’ experience and teaching quality satisfaction.
Now Coventry University can provide high-quality academic education and a good learning environment for students, while inheriting the fine tradition of providing higher education and multi-disciplinary research. the New version of Coventry University degree certificate. Next let’s look at 10 reasons to choose Coventry University.
1. Superior geographical location
Coventry is located in the heart of England. It is the only way for Britain to cross the north and south.
2. Low survival cost
According to the latest student life index of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Coventry is the third cheapest city for students.
3. Urban safety
Coventry is listed as the fourth safest city in the UK, according to the latest statistics of British criminal records.
4. Excellent teaching quality
5. First class student service facilities
The hub student campus life center of Coventry University is a good place for students to go after school. In addition, the fitness center in the university provides students with a good place for fitness with high cost performance.
The Lancaster Library of Coventry University has won the British architectural design award!
6. ranking well
The guardian University Guide 2018 12th in the UK
In 2017, Coventry was selected as one of the top 50 QS best cities to study abroad, becoming one of the six cities in the UK that won this award
Top 4 in Sunday Times teaching and student satisfaction 2017
Ranked 15th in the guardian’s University Guide for two consecutive years 2016-2017
The guardian ranked first in the UK’s modern university in 2016
2014-2016 best modern university of the year in the Sunday Times
2015 best student experience university, student satisfaction 91%
2015 queen of England Enterprise Award
In 2014, it was awarded “best overseas partner university” by the China Service Center of the Ministry of Education (the only university in Europe to receive this award)
2014 best student entrepreneurship support University
6. Rich extracurricular life
Coventry University’s Chinese academic union is composed of Chinese students from Coventry University, Chinese scholars visiting or teaching Coventry University and international friends interested in Chinese culture in Coventry region. Every year, the Spring Festival Gala and mid autumn festival activities organized by students themselves bring deep warmth to the students in the University.
7. Strong alumni network
Coventry University has a strong alumni network, and it often hosts various types of alumni activities. In 2015, the 2015 Beijing Alumni Association of Coventry University was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, Beijing, hosted by Coventry University and hosted by the culture and Education Department of the British Embassy.
8. Comprehensive student service
The International Office of Coventry University provides students with a series of humanized services, including new student reception, admission introduction, bank account opening, police station and medical registration, visa, accommodation information, etc., as well as student representative election during the period of school, regular meeting, collection of student learning and life feedback, and support of internship opportunities.
9. Bright employment prospects
In 2016, up to 94% of Coventry graduates achieved employment or further education within 6 months. The guardian’s 2015 university guide ranks Coventry as the UK’s top three universities in terms of employability.
Many Coventry graduates have been successfully employed by some well-known enterprises in the world. For example: Jaguar, HP, InterContinental Hotels Group, Barclays Bank, HSBC, Toyota, NHS, etc.

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