Algonquin college diploma offered online

Algonquin college diploma offered online. Founded in 1967, Algonquin Public College is located in the capital of Canada and Ottawa in the “Northern Silicon Valley”, one of the three major commercial centers in Ottawa. The College is ranked in the top five of the more than 150 colleges in Canada and was named the best large public college by the Ontario College of Canada, and was also named the highest public institution in Canada. The college’s annual operating budget is around 300 million Canadian dollars, most of which is supported by the government. At present, the number of registered students is nearly 60,000, including 22,000 full-time students, 1,900 international students, and 500 Chinese students. Yagang Kun College is a large Canadian public college recommended by the Chinese Ministry of Education to Chinese students. It is also a partner institution for Canadian embassies to recommend SPP and SDS academic visas. Yagangkun College offers English tutoring courses for students who do not meet the language requirements. The courses are divided into 8 levels, each level takes 8 weeks to complete, a total of 56 weeks (most Chinese students spend about 40 weeks). Degree (four years) Applied Business Bachelor – E-Commerce Supply Chain Management, Bachelor of Applied Technology – Photonics, Applied Bachelor of Arts – Interior Design. Higher Diploma (3 years) advertising creation, fashion design and crafts, animation, construction technology, corporate management (accounting, finance, international business, etc.), civil engineering technology, computer engineering technology, electrical engineering technology, etc.

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