Buy INTI Internaional university academic transcript to apply for VISA
Is it possible to buy INTI Internaional university academic transcript to apply for VISA? Founded in 1986, inti international university in Malaysia is a well-known private university.
Due to its good management and excellent reputation, inti international university today has grown into one of the best private universities in Malaysia. fake INTI transcripts. INTI is committed to developing a broader international network for students. Hundreds of certificates, diplomas and degrees have been accepted by more than 300 universities around the world through credit transfer and dual courses, among which dozens are the world’s top universities.
Inti college has international students from more than 50 countries, accounting for 25% of the total number of students. Such an international atmosphere gives students a good opportunity to experience different cultures.
The university, which has four campuses in Malaysia, will open a branch in Thailand in 2001.
To date, the total number of students at inti has reached about 12,000. Our hard work has won many honors for inti: in 1997, inti became the first private school to receive the Malaysia education excellence award; in 1998, it was awarded the ISO 9002 quality management certificate by the Malaysian institute of standards and research (SIRIM); in 1999, it was awarded the “multimedia super corridor status” certificate by the Malaysian government. With English as the only medium of instruction, endy continues to provide high-quality teaching courses and professional training that keep pace with The Times, covering a wide range of subjects.

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