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Buy Reading university degree supplement online. University of Reading transcript. The University of Reading is home to approximately 17,000 students in the UK, of which approximately 7,700 are graduate students. The University of Reading is an international university with overseas students from more than 140 countries. The University of Reading places special emphasis on research and postgraduate education. The school has 43 departments, 5 university departments, and nearly 90% of research results have been recognized as reaching the international recognition level (Research Assessment Exercise 2008). The University of Reading has a wide range of full-time degree programs in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences. Subject areas of research and research are: agriculture, construction management, horticulture, cybernetics, meteorology, real estate and printing, and few other schools offer similar courses. The University of Reading has four national quality teaching centers, two of which are independently obtained by the university (undergraduate applied research and vocational management skills) and two in cooperation with other UK universities. The research capabilities of the University of Reading are recognized throughout the country and the world, and many researchers have won awards. According to the UK Official Research Level Assessment (RAE 2008), the University of Reading is ranked 40th in the UK and nearly 90% of its research has reached international recognition.