Buy Universiti Tenaga Nasional(UNITEN) diploma certificate in Malaysia
Buy Universiti Tenaga Nasional diploma certificate in Malaysia. fake UNITEN diploma. The University Tenaga Nasional (unit) is a private university established solely by the largest public utility company in Southeast Asia, Tenaga Nasional Berhad. Founded in 1997, the school has five colleges that offer courses that are accredited by professional institutions at home and abroad. Chinese students with certificates of SPM, stpm, UEC, O and a can apply for admission.
Uniten has its head office and branch schools, which are located in Bucheng and Bandar muadzam in Pahang. Five of them are college preparatory and general education, College of engineering, School of computer science and information technology, School of business management and accounting, and graduate school. Uniten encourages students to study abroad. Students can choose to participate in the student exchange program at top universities in Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan for one to two semesters.
All the courses offered by uniten are internationally recognized. For example, the four-year bachelor’s courses offered by the engineering college are recognized by BEM and Washington Accord. buy UNITEN certificate in Malaysia. Students who apply for the four-year bachelor’s degree in accounting only need to take 5 additional ACCA papers after graduation. In addition, all courses of uniten meet the requirements of MQA, and engineering and accounting courses meet the requirements of MQA. The school attaches great importance to the quality of teaching. When hiring lecturers and consultants, their education background, teaching experience and professionalism are the main considerations. Uniten insists that instructors must be willing to share their knowledge and professional experience with students.
Since its establishment, uniten has successfully cultivated more than 30000 graduates. According to the data of the Ministry of higher education, on average, about 94% of uniten graduates get employment within six months after graduation. fake UNITEN degree. Our graduates are well received by international organizations. Many of them are employed by multinational enterprises in various fields after graduation, such as shell oil, universal business machine company, national energy and other companies, and are cultivated as professionals.
In order to make students develop and relieve the pressure of study, the University also provides students and faculty with good sports and entertainment facilities. This includes: a stadium that meets the requirements of the first level national track and field competition; a swimming pool with the scale of the Olympic Games; a 3000 seat Dewan seri Sarjana auditorium that can hold various indoor sports, cultural activities and corporate activities; and a 3 million recently completed United sports arena.

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