Curtin university of technology bachelor of commerce accounting degree

Curtin university of technology bachelor of commerce accounting degree. Curtin University of Technology is the largest university in Western Australia. Curtin University of Technology has established contacts with nearly 400 universities in more than 40 countries and has a reputation in international institutions. Curtin University of Technology has 42,000 students, including 17,500 international students, each from 105 countries. A unique multicultural learning environment connects you to faculty and students from all corners of the globe. Curtin University of Technology degree programs. Curtin University’s many programs are specifically designed for Western Australia’s scarce occupations such as accounting, pharmacy, nursing, physical therapy, engineering, mining, and computers (networks). Nearly half of international students with Australian qualifications applied for an assessment of Australian independent skilled immigrants.
Curtin University is known for its broad career prospects and high employment rates, attracting applications from many national and overseas students. For example, the starting salary for graduates of the Curtin University Mining Institute is the highest in Australia, with an employment rate of 100%.

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