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How to buy nptc level 2 certificate of competence online. Buy Fake NPTC certifcates, City & Guilds of London Institute (City & Guilds) is a global vocational skills education organization formed by the City of London and 16 trade unions in 1878; 1884 It has become a nationwide vocational education and qualification examination and certification body, and is responsible for the award of professional technical level certificates of about 52% in the UK. As one of the countries with particularly perfect and mature development of the world education system, British vocational education has a history of more than 150 years of development, and has established a complete vocational qualification certificate system and education and training system. Its modern apprenticeship system has been widely adopted by the international community. Recognition.

Huang Yahui, vice chairman of the China Vocational Education Foreign Cooperation Alliance and chairman of the credits online association, said that after the establishment of the China-UK Vocational Education Cooperation Development Alliance, experts, teachers and enterprises from both vocational colleges will form an expert committee. The Committee of Experts plans to work on three areas in the near future, including the integration of production and education, modern apprenticeship and evaluation of vocational education results. Wang Zhaoming, chairman of the China Vocational Education Association for Foreign Education, said that the British government and enterprises attach great importance to vocational education and implement a modern apprenticeship system on a large scale. The number of students enrolled each year is 370,000. “How can we promote the modern apprenticeship pilot

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