How about studying in the Segi College in Malaysia

Segi college subang jaya. Segi College bachelor of hospitality management degree. segi college diploma in psychology. SEGi College adheres to the philosophy of education first, providing students with quality education, while maintaining a low level of fees, whether in tuition or accommodation in 1978, Systematic started its first college in Kuala Lumpur, followed by In the 30 years, System Group has continuously expanded its school scale and developed to have 14 branch campuses with 14,000 students. segi college degrees in nursing. By 2002, Systematic was renamed SEG International Bhd. After 30 years of development, Century Group has trained more than 200,000 graduates, offering more than 100 courses, more than 300 students have obtained first class honours degrees, and currently there are 220 full-time teachers. segi college diploma in early childhood. In addition, Century Group is also a listed company in Malaysia, the company listed and traded all the shares in the Malaysia Stock Exchange.

SEG International Bhd has been approved by the Malaysian Education Bureau since March 2006 and has been filed with the Chinese Consulate in Malaysia to unify the names of all its colleges. segi college certificate. How about studying in the Segi College in Malaysia?

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