How did I get the University of Toronto offer?

How did I get the University of Toronto offer? how to get fake University of Toronto master degree, University of Toronto diploma? Founded in 1827, the University of Toronto is a world-renowned public research university with a world-renowned institution of higher learning. In the past ten years, international students applying for study in Canada have grown steadily, especially at the University of Toronto, which accounts for 20% of the total number of international students. It ranks first among all universities in Canada and has registered a total of 17,452 international students. Why are there so many Chinese students who have flocked to study in Canada? There are still reasons for this. It doesn’t matter if you don’t start reading from the 9th grade. As long as you submit your past junior high school transcripts, the school will transfer credits for you, and the remaining credits can be read locally.

English requirements

International students are required to take a language proficiency test before entering the school. The school will arrange ESL courses (language training courses) according to your test results. ESL has five levels of ABCDE, A is the lowest and E is the highest.

Only after completing ESL can you officially start a formal English class with Canadian students. Of course, if you are awesome in English, you don’t rule out the possibility that the school will directly put you into a formal English class.


Studying in Ontario, I think the flexibility of course selection is the biggest advantage of Canadian high schools.

Due to the wide range of courses, students can use their hobbies to determine the direction of the course and develop their talents in a certain aspect.

If you hate mathematics or biochemistry, you can finish the 11th grade course and you will be able to break it down…

This is a unique experience, of course, I don’t recommend it to everyone, because it will greatly limit your choice of college majors.


Canada’s high school curriculum has a wide variety of scores, including a wide range of exams, as well as assignments, presentations, and so on.

For example, essay writing in English class, scenario analysis report in economic class, game design in statistics class, etc…

The results of these large and small jobs account for half of the usual results, because the Canadian curriculum pays great attention to the application and understanding of students, and it is unbiased to test the level of students by examination alone.

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