How to apply for Keele University master degree

How to apply for Keele University masters degree? Keele University degree certificate, Keele University diploma, The University of Keele grants a double honours degree, which means that students can take two majors at the same time; there is also an interdisciplinary degree that covers 3-4 subjects. All of these degree programs will help students gain comprehensive knowledge and skills to lay a solid foundation for their future career. Chinese students who intend to study directly at Keele University after completing high school are required to apply for the International Foundation Degree Program (IFDP–International Foundation Degree Program). This is a one-year transitional program where students study both the chosen degree and the English language course. keele university undergraduate certificate. Upon completion, students can take a three-year degree program directly. Chinese students who have continued to study in China for a few years after graduating from high school can apply directly for a three-year degree program. The University of Keele offers a variety of lectures, including lectures (40-200 students, suitable for subjects), symposiums (about 20 students and tutorials (about 5-10 students). Science students also need to experiment Lessons are usually 5 hours a week.
The British Higher Education Quality Assurance Association conducted a teaching quality assessment audit at the University of Keele from May 10 to May 14, 2004. The results of the Higher Education Quality Assurance Association report have broad confidence in the quality management of teaching at Keele University.

In 2001, the UK Higher Education Quality Assurance Association cancelled the scoring system for a single subject. At that time, Keele University received the highest rated majors including American Studies, Education, Philosophy, Politics and International Relations (24 points out of 24); Economics and Psychology (23 points rated) Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Astrophysics, Organic Biological Sciences, Sociology (22 points); and Management, Nursing and Obstetrics, Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences (21 points).

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