How to apply to study in Vancouver Island University(VIU)?

How to apply to study in Vancouver Island University(VIU)? buy Vancouver Island University degree diploma, VIU certificates. Vancouver Island University was founded in 1936. After years of development, the school has become a dynamic internationally renowned public university and a member of the Association of Canadian Universities and Colleges (AUCC). It is a public university under the British Columbia Department of Education. It is located in Vancouver Island, a world-famous scenic spot. It is an excellent degree-granting university in Canada. The university focuses on teaching interaction, conducts small class classes, offers undergraduate, postgraduate, specialist, certificate, pre-university and other more than 120 courses, and awards bachelor’s and master’s degrees. At the same time, the university has an affiliated high school that provides British Columbia 10- Year 12 high school course. The University currently has approximately 20,000 students, including approximately 2,000 international students from dozens of countries. The university has 4 campuses, of which the main campus in Nanaimo covers 110 acres. It has several teaching buildings, 11 dormitory buildings, a large auditorium with 294 seats, an advanced library, a gymnasium, a theater, and a scientific experiment. Room and research center. Students who have studied at Malaspina University College will have the opportunity to transfer (and also need IELTS scores) to other major schools with agreements, such as UBC, Victoria University, McMaster University, University of Western Ontario, Alberta. Universities, the University of Calgary, etc., credits are generally recognized. The IMBA/MBA program takes 3 years.

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