How to change your UC berkeley official transcript resutls

How to change your UC berkeley official transcript resutls. UC berkeley official transcript, uc berkeley academic record. As the founding campus of the University of California, Berkeley is one of the most famous. Why is the University of California at Berkeley so successful? Tian Changlin, a Chinese scientist who was the president of Berkeley, believes that: Tianshi, Dili, and Renhe are the external conditions for the success of the school; adhering to the academic standard and fully respecting the academic policy decided by the professors is its success. The essential. The root cause of Berkeley’s ability to become a top university in the world is twofold: 1) One is a big vision. At the beginning of the school, the school reached a consensus on Berkeley’s development goals – adopting an eclectic, free and open approach, and allowing the world to become a world-class university. Along this line of thought, Berkeley pioneered the development of the world’s advanced level in the fields of arts, agriculture, and agriculture. A hard work. In the early 1880s, Berkeley stood in the ranks of American higher education institutions with its pioneering disciplines and a new comprehensive university image. 2) The second is to pay attention to talents. While accelerating the development of various disciplines, Berkeley is also doing its utmost to recruit talents from all walks of life. By means of high-paying employment, coupled with a good working environment and a free and open academic atmosphere, coupled with the unique natural environment on the west coast of California, Berkeley has a large number of famous professors and famous scholars from the academic center of the northeastern United States, making Berkeley’s The faculty has been greatly strengthened and developed in a relatively short period of time.

Berkeley is known for its multiculturalism. On February 15, 1990, the University of California Board of Directors appointed Chinese professor Tian Changlin as the president of Berkeley – the first Chinese-born president of a famous American university. The first direction of his school is “to strive to maintain Berkeley’s outstanding position in teaching and academics” and to adhere to the concept of “diversity and excellence”. During his tenure, Berkeley attracted the most talented and diverse students in the country. At the same time, “80% of the top talents Berkeley wants to win.”

The University of California at Berkeley offers a wide range of graduate programs, many of which are extensions and extensions of undergraduate programs. Postgraduate degrees include: Master’s of Art, Master’s of Science, Master’s of Fine Art, Ph.D Ph.D., and special postgraduate degrees such as Juris Doctor, Master of Business Administration, etc. . In 2012, the school awarded a total of 887 doctoral degrees and 2,506 master’s degrees. Applications for entry to each graduate program are independent, and the college and department have independent admission enrollment rights. In 2010, the National Research Council of the United States ranked Berkeley’s doctoral education in the top ranks in the United States; in 2015-16, Berkeley’s major liberal arts graduate programs were almost all ranked in the top five in the United States. At the same time, the National Science Research Fund received by the University of California at Berkeley ranked first, and between 2001 and 2010, a total of 1,333 research projects were funded.

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