How to choose a degree program to study in University of Bedfordshire

How to choose a degree program to study in University of Bedfordshire. The University of Bedford is one hundred and twenty years old. The location (located in the heart of the academic Golden Triangle in London, Oxford, and Cambridge) gives Bedford University the unique and deep conditions and cultural heritage of learning and research. The University of Bedfordshire was a new university merged by Luton University and De Montfort University on August 1, 2006. The predecessor of Luton University is the Luton Institute of Higher Education, which has taught undergraduate degrees for 40 years. Bedford University is a vibrant and modern university. Its geographical environment is ideal, just 30 minutes by train from central London, but its cost of living is much lower than in London. The school’s tuition is also very competitive. Bedford University’s teaching quality is renowned, and in 2003 and 2004 the school was rated as the best new university in England. Although Bedford University is a British university, its teachers and students come from all over the world. International students from 120 different countries are studying here

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