How to choose a major to study in University of Glasgow

How to choose a major to study in University of Glasgow. buy University of Glasgow transcript, University of Glasgow diploma supplement. At the end of 2012, Glasgow University had more than 16,000 undergraduate students and 6,000 graduate students from 120 countries, with 5,967 faculty members. Among the 5,967 faculty members, there are approximately 4,500 professional researchers and the largest research base in the UK. The University of Glasgow’s total revenue for 2008/2009 exceeded £421 million, with research revenues of up to £126 million. In the 2008 Research Assessment (RAE), 23 majors received the highest level of 5 points, and 6 majors received 5*. Excellent score of 4 points in more than 20 professional directions. In the previous evaluation of the scientific research level in 2001, 43 scientific research projects were rated as excellent at the national and international levels, 23 scientific research projects scored 5 points, and the other 4 projects received the highest 5* rating. . The University of Glasgow is one of the largest research bases in the UK. The University of Glasgow is known for its high quality, flexibility and attention to the individual needs of each individual. The University of Glasgow has four major colleges (the top nine colleges have been reduced to four major colleges: liberal arts colleges, medical schools, engineering colleges (aerospace, civil engineering, electronics and electrical appliances, machinery and shipbuilding), and social sciences colleges (French, Business and Social Sciences)) , one hundred and sixty-eight subjects, and ninety-eight academic research centers. Covers management, finance, art, biochemistry, education, engineering, law, medicine, physics, social sciences, veterinary medicine, etc. Among them, graduate students account for a high proportion, and 30% of graduate students come from overseas. The University of Glasgow has many of the UK’s first subjects, establishing the UK’s first civil engineering department and shipbuilding department. Others such as aerospace engineering, marine engineering, and computer software engineering are among the best. The school’s medical school is the first medical school in the UK to focus on clinical training to patient care. In addition to engineering and medicine, accounting, finance, and management research are also prominent academic advantages of the school, attracting students from all over the world.

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