How to get a City Guilds level 3 certificate within 3 days

How to get a City Guilds level 3 certificate within 3 days. City & Guilds of London Institute (City & Guilds) is a global vocational skills education organization formed by the City of London and 16 trade unions in 1878; 1884 It has become a nationwide vocational education and qualification examination and certification body, and is responsible for the award of professional technical level certificates of about 52% in the UK.
The impact of the City & Guilds certificate is much more than just English-speaking countries. The City & Guilds certificate is divided into 8 levels. The third-level certificate winners can be admitted to the university without a trial, and the five-level certificate winners can join professional organizations such as the Engineers Association. The Senior Awards are the Honorary Fellowships (FCGI) of the Association. Each year, March and October are awarded to about 10 people. The applicants are extremely demanding and must be members of the board of directors of multinational corporations. A well-known professor at a national university, a British military brigade or above, or an internationally renowned technical expert in a field, is recognized as the highest level of non-academic honor in the UK and the West.

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