How to pass the TOEFL ITP exam

What is TOEFL iTP? Why and how to register for the exam
TOEFL iTP is a group-oriented paper TOEFL exam. Ten people join the group and do not accept individual registration. That is to say, when your group holds such an exam, or gathers more than ten people on a group topic, it is also theoretically possible to take part in it. Level 1’s question bank has been updated every six months, four sets of questions have been updated once, and the old questions will be discarded immediately. Therefore, in order to avoid the phenomenon of repeated questions, ETS has a limit on the number of applications from the same institution. Because the cost is only 1/7 of iBT, it is more often used by Japanese companies, universities and high schools to test the English proficiency of group members and conduct overseas research and selection or classes than iBP. Achievements can be used to apply for short-term, non-degree English-speaking countries to study abroad, while for college entrance examination, some universities collect TOEFL scores, and then write a list of acceptable TOEFL types later. Students who are not particularly confident about oral and listening can use iTP as one of the options. After all, iBT is so expensive, and it’s hard to score. And iTP has another advantage: it can get results quickly, and you can get the results within two weeks after the quiz. So for the time, students who are a little nervous about the economy can think about it.
Classification and Type of TOEFL iTP
Fig. 1, TOEFL iTP has two levels, Level 1 and Level 2. Level 1 has the same difficulty as TOEFL PBT, and the score segment can be compared with the score segment of iBP, which is very helpful for evaluating oneself. Level 2 is a relatively simple basis. Colleges and companies generally take Level 1 exams. Because the subject has passed Level 1 and Level 2, I will only summarize the situation of Level 1 here. (If you are interested in 2 views, you can go to the ITP official website to have a look. If you can’t see clearly, you can believe in the topic. It’s no problem to help the translator in general.
As for the question structure of iTP, Level 1 is divided into three parts: listening, grammar and reading. The content covers campus life, academic topics and half of life and work problems, which is somewhat like the feeling between Toyota and iBP. It is worth noting that no notes can be left on the question book in the process of answering any part of the questions. The reason is that the subject matter is not very clear, but since there is such a regulation, we should pay attention to it. All the questions should be painted while doing the questions, and after each part is finished, the answer of the previous part can not be carried out, so we must pay attention to the time and painting. ITP can be used as the best test before applying for Pre-iBT, and the price is cheaper than TOEFL iBT. It is also called economic as pen practice. More importantly, the TOEFL ITP listening test also requires candidates to answer after listening to a complete paragraph of the question. Reading is a paragraph-by-paragraph answer for a single question. The answer time is similar to that of TOEFL iBT. The whole test structure is similar to that of TOEFL iBT. It can be used as the best exercise and evaluation before iBT.

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