How to request Flinders University transcript of academic record

How to request Flinders University transcript of academic record. Flinders University’s student residences are built in half-mountain townhouses or single-family villas with excellent views. Known as: half-mountain townhouse, single-family sea view villa. Village is self-service and needs to cook for yourself. It is suitable for students who are self-sufficient. There is also University Hall, which is a package system with 15 meals per week, suitable for small or freshmen. Eliminate the hassle of cooking every day. In the 2016 ISB (International Student Index) survey, Flinders University’s student residence ranked first in the world.
Flinders University Specialty: Known for its nursing profession, its graduates will master clinical skills; how social, environmental and economic factors affect health; communicate with people of different identities, understand cultural differences and their relationship to health, etc. A vocational skill is an Australian Nursing Association certification program that can be applied to become a registered nurse after graduation. In addition to the traditional nurse profession in the hospital, graduates can also work in community health centers, elderly care centers, community care centers, etc. There are also many students engaged in mental health, midwives, pediatrics and other work.

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