INTI International University Degree Certificate Analysis

INTI International University Degree Certificate Analysis. How to make fake INTI diplomas and certificates. INTI International University, established in 1986 by INTI University & College, is a relatively large-scale college in Malaysia and has become Malaysia’s largest and most prestigious listed international education group. INTI University has been recognized as one of the leading higher education institutions in Malaysia in Malaysia. Adhering to the idea of ​​providing education for all, we adhere to the philosophy of creating outstanding academic and well-rounded students and the commitment of everyone to benefit. The subordinates have 7 branches, namely Indi International University, Subang Re, New Town. It is also the INTI College, INTI International College in Penang, INTI College in Kuala Lumpur, INTI College in Sabah, INTI College and the Academy of Music in Petaling. Thousands of students from more than 37 countries are enrolled each year. The INTI College Group has a total of 13,000 students and offers more than 20 degree and professional diplomas and certificate programs, including prestigious universities around the world. Bachelor’s degree program and credit transfer to UK, Australia and Canada for further study, students have the opportunity to apply to world-renowned universities, such as the University of Birmingham, Leeds University, University of Liverpool, University of Adelaide, Australia and the University of Melbourne, or Purdue University, Virginia, USA.

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