Is it possible to buy a degree from Cape breton university for getting job

Is it possible to buy a degree from Cape breton university for getting job? The University of Cappton (CBU) always insists on teaching in small classes. The number of students in each class is controlled at around 15-20. The professor is familiar with and understands the learning situation of each student, and has full communication and interaction with each student, especially for international students. More attention and coaching. During the course of study, the University of Kapton arranges opportunities for students to study in a variety of disciplines and provides internship opportunities for students to combine academic research with practice. In the spare time, the school recommends that students participate in the job opportunities set up in the school, so that students can get a certain reward while gaining work experience. After 6 months of attendance, the International Student Leader will help students apply for an off-campus work visa and recommend more internship opportunities in the community. The University of Cappton (CBU) also provides transfer credits for undergraduate and postgraduate students (transferred to undergraduate majors). Students can submit transcripts and course descriptions for the courses they have taken, Kapton ( CBU) The University Admissions Office determines the number of transferable credits based on the course the student is pursuing at a domestic university or college. Every year, the CBU University of CBU arranges school leaders to communicate with parents in China through the CBU Beijing Alumni Association to let parents know about their children’s learning and living in the school. At present, most of the graduates of the school are successfully employed in several major cities in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. The graduates who choose to return to China have also found suitable jobs in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao and other cities.