Is theree any way to change my Australian National University academic transcript

Is theree any way to change my Australian National University academic transcript. buy ANU transcript of academic record, Australian National University transcript. The Australian National University is known for its high quality research-led teaching. In the early days of the school, only graduate students were enrolled. In 1958, the University of Melbourne’s Canberra campus was opened for undergraduate teaching. In 2006, it was upgraded to 7 major colleges and 4 national academies. Currently, 86% of the teaching staff has a doctoral degree. The number of Australian federal academicians is 320, and the total number of academicians of the Royal Society is one-third of Australia. Outstanding alumni include 7 Nobel laureates, 2 Australian prime ministers, more than 30 current ministers, politicians, distinguished scholars and business magnates. .
In 2006, the Australian National University established an international research university alliance with Cambridge University, Oxford University, University of California, Berkeley, Yale University, Peking University, National University of Singapore, and University of Tokyo. Founded by the Australian Federal Government in 1946, the Australian National University is located in Canberra, Australia. The campus covers an area of ​​226 hectares and is surrounded by the National Nature Reserve, Burley Geffen Lake and the downtown area. The school has won the Australian University Rankings for several consecutive years. Its optical research center has won the Marconi International Award for its research in optical fiber communication; Olivier, the leader of radar and nuclear physics, Flory, one of the discoverers of penicillin, and an outstanding historian Cooke, the economist Combs, and a new generation of well-known scholars have made it shine. On April 18, 2013, the university announced the recognition of China’s college entrance examination results.

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