La Trobe University academic transcript diploma supplement full set for 2019

La Trobe University academic transcript diploma supplement full set for 2019. the latest transcript sample of La Trobe university. La Trobe University is one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing universities funded by the government. La Trobe University has four campuses offering courses for overseas students, two in Melbourne (Bandura and Downtown), one in Albury/Wodonga, one in Bendigo, and others around Victoria. The campus allows overseas students to participate in some of the courses in a unique local environment.
Based on the belief that a university should be useful to the communities it serves, La Trobe University has developed a unique spirit that combines social engagement with the pursuit of excellence in academics. The University in 2019 US.NEWS World University Rankings 454. 2019 QS Global University Rankings 301-350.

What are the requirements for graduates from La Trobe?
La Trobe University’s undergraduate graduation results require a passing score of 40 points. The overall scoring standard is 90 points, and the freshman as the adaptation stage score is not included in the degree, and the sophomore and junior grades each account for 50% of the final degree.

Undergraduate degree division
Pass line: 40 points, degree level: third class (40 to 50 points)
50 points to 60 points, degree level: second class two, or written as 2:2
60 points to 70 points, degree level: second class, or written as 2:1
70 points or more, degree level: First Class

La Trobe University is a long-established public university in Australia, and its promotion in China has just begun, so tuition is 3,000-5,000 Australian dollars lower than similar universities. For example, the tuition fee for business is about 18,000 Australian dollars / year, and the science and engineering science fee is about 20,000 Australian dollars / year. Tuition fees have increased slightly in recent years, but still below the average college tuition requirements. Compared with the five-star and eight famous universities with high tuition fees, they have obvious economic advantages.

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