Limkokwing University of Creative Technology bachelor degree sample

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology bachelor degree sample. The philosophy of Lin Guorong University of Creative Technology is to give versatile young and new generations the ability to think creatively, to learn wisdom and nutrition, to master professional skills, and to work hard and to be committed to the spirit of the industry. Its mission is to cultivate young talents who are smart, capable, and challenged, and who are leaders, good at grasping opportunities, and constantly innovating and improving their future lives. Lin Guorong University was awarded the “Most Foreign Student Enrollment Award” by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia and the “Special Award for Malaysian Education Globalization” by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. This hot university has won the industry and government with its unique teaching philosophy. Recognition and respect. The new education model of Lin Guorong University’s global vision has attracted the attention of Malaysian education brands around the world. At the same time, its brand courses have been recognized by the Botswana Higher Education Commission, the Cambodian International University Certification Service Department, the Indonesian Government of Bali, and the Iraqi government. At the same time, the Malaysian Academic Qualifications Authority, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Senegal Institute of Science and Technology, the Tanzania University Board of Education, and the British International College Qualification Service Center also provided full recognition of Lin Guorong University’s curriculum.

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