Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche

Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche. French Universités diplomas. The French education system is so complicated that we want to find out how many higher education institutions in France have become a particularly difficult thing! Let’s not say anything else, let’s take the public comprehensive university (Université), do you know how many? Don’t hurry to say, check it first!

I remember that when I was in college, there was a class devoted to French education. In class, the teacher told us that there are a total of 87 public comprehensive universities (Université) in France. Later, when I was just in contact with studying abroad [microblogging], I went to the website of the French Ministry of Education to verify it, but counted 90 universities. buy france diploma. Of course, this includes not only local universities in France, but also universities in overseas provinces.

In recent years, French universities have set off a merger boom, but the merger of French schools is unique, some are really merged into a university, the original schools no longer exist alone, and some feel more like The form of the alliance (of course, no matter which form, basically is to improve the world ranking and influence, this practice before Tsinghua [microblogging] Peking University has also done …), so when calculating the number of universities will make people Foggy water!

In addition, some schools, although called Université, are not strictly public comprehensive universities, such as Universités de Technologie (Compiègne, Belfort-Montbéliard et Troyes), which provides engineering education and belongs to the College of Engineers. The sequence; for example, Universités catholique (de l’Ouest, de Lille, de Lyon), is a church school.

In the real public comprehensive university, Tang Shu has checked a lot of information, and the data of the French National Higher Education Research Department is still in April 2015, not the latest. The latest version of the data we have seen is from wikipedia. The above data is June 30, 2016. According to this data (we believe that this data is accurate and effective, after all, the data refers to many relevant French official data and laws. ), France has 71 public comprehensive universities and 1 institut national polytechnique (although CampusFrance’s data is 73.

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