National Board of Examinations New Delhi diploma

where to buy National Board of Examinations New Delhi diploma. Indian university bachelor’s degree. According to the US “Bustle” news network reported on March 30, “The Times of India” said on the 29th that officials of the Central Committee for Secondary Education of India (CBSE) have announced that due to the initial examination of the national examination, the questions have been leaked online. Indian multi-country students will be asked to retake economics and mathematics, but some students, parents and teachers are dissatisfied with CBSE’s decision, which is believed to have a negative impact on students who do not have fraud.

Prakash Javadekar, the Indian Minister of Education, said that after the test was leaked, it was disseminated to students through the chat software WhatsApp. The Ministry of Education is investigating how the test questions are leaked. He said: “The criminals who do this kind of thing will not be spared. I guarantee that the police will arrest them soon. Let me ensure that we will further improve the education system and ensure that it is safe.”

According to the report, about 25 students and teachers have received inquiries from the New Delhi police, but the police have not arrested anyone. Special Police Commissioner RP Upadhyay said that most of the police inquiries were Received questions through WhatsApp.

The Times of India said that although the questions were mainly leaked to students in New Delhi, many other students in the state will retake the exam. Student Divya Tomar said that CBSE is “increasing the burden” for students. “It is unfair to retake the exam. We are trying to prepare for the exam, but after being excelled, we are asked to retake the exam because of a few fraudulent students.”

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