Nilai university diploma certificate actual sample online

Nilai university diploma certificate actual sample online. Nilai University (Nilai University) ensures that all its courses and extracurricular activities are designed to enable students to grow academically, personally and socially. So far, the college has successfully provided excellent educational opportunities for students from many countries, and has also made a lot of contributions to the field of higher education. Many students have made brilliant academic fake Nilai University diploma  Now, ruilai international university has become one of the top higher education institutions in Malaysia.

Rulai international university provides a complete set of dormitory.
The campus is equipped with a five-storey air-conditioned resource building (with a 1,600 square metre library, classrooms, computer rooms, chemistry and physics laboratories, etc.), 39 air-conditioned classrooms and four modern lecture halls. A 1,000-seat self-service restaurant. Eight dormitories (including apartment dormitories with Internet terminals). Multi-purpose auditorium, bookstore, bank ATM, etc.
The university also offers a variety of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, such as football field, indoor and outdoor basketball court, indoor badminton court, indoor volleyball court and 500m racetrack around the lake. In addition to local students, there are also students from 45 countries, such as Korea, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, China, India, Kenya, Oman, brunei, maldives, Mauritius, Mongolia and Pakistan. From January 2009, students studying for a 3+0 bachelor’s degree at your university will not only receive a bachelor’s degree from Oxford brookes university in the UK, but also a bachelor’s degree from your university in Malaysia upon graduation. We call it a double diploma program. In order to pay attention to the overall development of students in the university, the school will arrange students of different departments to go to different fields for 4-month internship in the fifth semester. To increase the competitiveness of students after graduation. Performance during the internship will be recorded in the final graduation grade.

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