SIM-UOL graduates to be fearless, get a SIM degree easily
SIM-UOL graduates to be fearless, get a SIM degree easily. Jocelyn Chng, founder and CEO of JR Holdings, spoke at the opening ceremony of the University of London’s (UOL) Awards ceremony on April 3, 2019. She said: “There is no need to worry or worry about anything.”
With more than 30 years of experience in the food manufacturing and service industry, Ms. Chen shared her personal courage journey, known for its ubiquitous “CHNG-KEE” brand of soy sauce and other foods, an international family brand. She is an innovator and has won a series of awards, including the National University of Singapore (Nus) Best Entrepreneur Award (2005), and she also supports the groundbreaking idea of ​​introducing hot food vending machines in Singapore. How to choose SIM BA degree program online. After her father’s death, she had to take over the family business and become a 21-year-old woman. This proves that the opponents are wrong. She encourages graduates to believe in the power of their education, has the courage to overcome doubts and criticisms, and think outside the box. Turn their enthusiasm into a career.
On April 3 and 4 this year, approximately 1,900 students graduated from the SIM-UOL course four times. SIM Global Education is UOL’s largest affiliated center, and in the past 33 years it has partnered with UK universities to offer academic programs in Singapore

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