Singapore GCE O level, how to pass the examination
How to pass the Singapore GCE O level exam? It is possible to buy a Singapore GCE O level certificate without studying? The Cambridge GCE “O” exam in Singapore is a national assessment organized and conducted by the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB) and the Cambridge University Place Examination. The “O” certificate itself is an internationally recognized qualification that can be used to apply for higher education in Commonwealth countries and the United States. Local colleges, polytechnics, and private colleges also require prospective students to hold an O-level admission certificate.
Our courses provide comprehensive preparation for private candidates at the GCE “O” level exam in Cambridge, Singapore, with intensive courses every day. Students who pass the exam or have outstanding results can go to the local colleges and universities, polytechnics, private colleges or universities and colleges abroad to continue their studies. If students are able to achieve excellent results in “O” grades, they can earn up to 65-66% of the Institute’s tuition fees (based on the 2016/17 school year), provided they work for any business in Singapore for three years.
The full name of the “O” LEVEL test is the General Certification of Education Ordinary Level, which is a graduation test that is held annually for students in secondary schools in the UK and around 100 countries around the world. Candidates receive a diploma that is widely recognized by the UK government, Commonwealth countries, and European and American countries. Candidates who have obtained a normal level of diploma are eligible to enroll in universities in the above countries.

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