Sunway university College degree real sample get online

Sunway university College degree real sample get online. Sunway University, formerly known as shuangwei University college, was officially established in 1987 and upgraded to University in January 2011.

Shuangwei university was founded in recognition of the vital role of higher education in national progress.
Within a few years of its founding, the number of students grew beyond the capacity of the original building and eventually moved to the new campus.
The $120 million campus is one of the most modern private colleges in Malaysia, with complete facilities.
The biggest moment of shuangwei university was on April 29, 1993, when the new campus was opened by Dr Mahathir mohamad, who later became the fourth prime minister of Malaysia. This was a major investment of shuangwei group in the field of education.
Sunway courses is very wide, have prep, associate, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree courses, including computer technology, the performing arts, art and design, nursing, mass communication, computer science, business administration, engineering, aviation, science, business, business studies, accounting and finance, business administration, information systems, psychology, etc.
Shuangwei university has cooperative projects with many universities, such as Lancaster university.
Students can also apply for degree transfer programs in the United States, which cover a wide range of majors and meet the diverse needs of students.
Shuangwei university college aims to fulfill its mission through continuous improvement, innovation, dedication, care, mutual respect and team spirit, and to have the courage to take responsibility, unswervingly improve the quality and service, to strive for excellence, financial self-reliance and professionalism.