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Universiti sains malaysia is the second public university established by the Malaysian government and was established in July 1969. Is it possible to buy USM degree online? The campus is large and beautiful, and is known as the Garden University of Asia. It consists of 3 campuses, the main campus (also known as Minden Campus) and the engineering school district are located in the mainland part of Penang Island and Penang, respectively. The third campus is the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Health, located in Geeland on the eastern coast of Malaysia. Dan. In the 9th Malaysian National Plan, the University will also establish a research institute near the school, of which the Institute of Molecular Medicine was one of the first institutes to be built in 2005. The facilities provided by USM for students are as follows: The impressive museum is filled with world-class exhibits and state-of-the-art art and art exhibition galleries, lecture halls and exhibition halls to promote classroom learning and teaching. Banks, bookstores, pharmacies, post offices and retail stores are convenient for student life. Excellent comfortable and cool research library to meet the reading needs of students, extensive electronic database and internet access network. Graduate students can stay on campus and the dorms are single or double rooms. The sports center is equipped with indoor and outdoor facilities to cater for student sports and gaming entertainment. A cosy and cosy buffet restaurant and a well-designed reading pavilion.
universiti sains malaysia degree certificate copy actual shooting.