University of California Los Angeles(UCLA) official transcript analysis

University of California Los Angeles(UCLA) official transcript analysis. UCLA academic transcript. UCLA achieved significant development in the 25 years after the Second World War, and a large number of school buildings were built, and the number of students increased. UCLA has 163 buildings covering an area of ​​419 acres. It has 109 academic departments, 12 professional colleges and 800 research institutions. There are 29,633 undergraduates, 12,212 graduate students and 3,800 full-time teachers.
In 2006, the University completed a fundraising event at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), raising more than $3.05 billion in donations, making it the second most successful fundraising event in public universities. In 2008, UCLA raised more than $456 million in donations, ranking top 10 in US university fundraising events that year.
The American Language Center (ALC), an English language training center at UCLA, is the largest in the Los Angeles area. In addition to English language training courses, it also offers a range of certificate programs that allow students to choose the most practical courses. ALC’s English training courses are based on short-term practical English and English intensive English Academic Intensive English. Practical English is divided into three levels, four days a week, intensive classes from Monday to Thursday, the most correct and fluent use of the weaker listening and speaking part of the students, 20 hours a week, the least students Need to be 17 years old or older. Academic intensive English is divided into seven levels, the first period is ten weeks, but during the summer vacation, there are six weeks of courses, which are aimed at continuing to study in the United States or to read and write. The students set up 23 hours a week and attend classes from Monday to Friday. Both Practical English and Academic Intensive English have a range of elective courses, including TOEFL preparation courses, news and current affairs, film English, American slang, business communication and accent corrections. These electives will be planned according to the degree of the students.
University of California Los Angeles(UCLA) official transcript analysis.

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