University of Phoenix: A Model of Innovation in Adult Higher Education Institutions

University of Phoenix: A Model of Innovation in Adult Higher Education Institutions. university of phoenix official transcript. In 1976, John Sperling founded the University of Phoenix (UOP) in Phoenix, Arizona. university of phoenix transcript order online. The parent company was Apollo Group Inc., and in 1978 he won the North Central United States. Accreditation by the University Association. At present, UOP has registered more than 300,000 students. As of August 31, 2005, Apollo Group has 90 campuses and 154 learning centers in 39 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. university of phoenix programs and courses. It also has campuses in Vancouver, British Columbia, with campuses throughout the United States and Canada, and plans to expand to Asia and Europe, has become the world’s largest for-profit higher education institutions. The University of Phoenix is ​​the global leader in distance education today.
“For-profit higher education institutions (especially the University of Phoenix) are unique inventions of the United States, which have attracted wide attention as a cultural product. It has a colorful and enthusiastic founder, a garage-starting entrepreneurial story, born in the United States. university of phoenix transcripts. The civilian beliefs of college students providing educational opportunities, the American style of innovation and the spirit of hard work, the management experience shared with others and the full confidence, these are the Americans. I think the University of Phoenix, which represents the American spirit, is like It was the legendary phoenix that was reborn after bathing in the troubled 60s and 70s.

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