University of phoenix associate degree in business management

University of phoenix associate degree in business management. university of phoenix associate of arts. The University of Phoenix is ​​located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Founded in 1976 by Dr. John Sperling and his Apollo Group. The school has 345,300 students and includes more than 200 campuses in 28 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. university of phoenix diploma template. Offering more than 100 degrees, it is the largest private school in North America, specializing in adult education. The school’s teaching work is undertaken by four colleges: John Sperling School of Business and Technology, the Artemis School, Artemis School, School of Continuing Education (School) Of Advanced Studies) Axia College
In the United States, where the higher education student market is also highly competitive, a for-profit higher education institution, the University of Phoenix (UOP), has shown great vitality. university of phoenix degrees. In the 32-year history of running a school, from the initial training class with only 8 working adults to the world’s giant university with more than 300,000 registered students, the education community has attracted widespread attention. university of phoenix bachelors degree. The University of Phoenix not only achieved high social value, but also created considerable economic benefits.

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