university of Toronto confirmation letter request online

university of Toronto confirmation letter request online. Yesterday, the well-known higher education newspaper “Times Higher Education” published the world university rankings in 2019. Among the top ten rankings, Oxford University and Cambridge University ranked first and second respectively, and American universities were nominated for seven, including Stanford. The university enjoys a third place, while the University of Toronto in Canada has a top 20, ranking 21. Tsinghua University ranks 22nd, and Peking University ranks 31st. I remember that five years ago, when my daughter was still in China for a sophomore year, we were thinking about choosing a country to study abroad. The United States is good, it is difficult to stay for a long time, there are many uncertain factors; Australia is good, the environment and climate are fascinating, but the anti-China tactics are prohibitive. The final choice is to study in Canada. The reason is that Canada is a multicultural country, which means that Canada’s ethnicity is derived from diversification. Strictly speaking, most Canadians are now immigrants, and no one ethnic group is the majority. God’s welfare, especially the rights of women and children, is a paradise for the elderly. In terms of education, education resources are cost-effective, and the Canadian government’s investment in education is staggering. The chances of applying for a good school are also high. If children in China can take the difficulty of Tsinghua University, they can use the ancestral grave to describe the difficulty. It is too difficult. In a prefecture-level city, it is difficult to test one or two candidates in a year. This probability is called a lottery. It is easier to apply to foreign universities that rank the same or even better than Tsinghua University.