University of Victoria – comprehensive research university of Canada

University of Victoria – comprehensive research university of Canada. buy UVIC degree, University of Victoria diploma, uvic degree completion letter. The University of Victoria (UVIC, Vida) is one of Canada’s top comprehensive research universities and one of the largest comprehensive universities. It ranks among the top 3 universities in Canada. Formerly known as McGill University Victoria College, the school was founded in 1903 and is the oldest college in BC. In 1963, he obtained a university status and was renamed Victoria University.

1. The top three in Canada;

2. Located in the beautiful city of Victoria, the capital city of BC, just 30 minutes by plane or 90 minutes by ferry to Vancouver. The Victorian climate is mild and comfortable, with a vibrant city centre, a wide range of shops, restaurants and colourful outdoor activities;

3. As one of the most famous universities in Canada, Uvic has created a unique learning atmosphere for teachers and students. It has a high reputation in academic research, scholarship system and cooperative education. The business school has obtained AACSB and EQUIS certification and is the UN. Member of the “Responsible Management Education Principles PRME”;

4. Suitable for study – the school has a quiet learning environment by the sea. At the same time, there is no heavy industry in Victoria, no pollution, and the air is fresh, known as the “garden city”;

5. Victoria University is also one of the universities with the most Co-op projects in Canada. The school has world-class teaching equipment, and many courses, especially in business management, science and engineering, economics and fine arts, have a high reputation in North America and the world.