Visiting the founder and honorary president of Sunway College Malaysia

Visiting the founder and honorary president of Sunway College Malaysia, Xie Funian. How to get a Sunway college diploma in hotel management. buy Sunway college degrees. Xie Funian, a native of Dongguan, Guangdong, was born in Ipoh, Malaysia. sunway college diploma in business administration. He spent a full 20 years in Malaysia, turning a huge waste mine into a new town in Kuala Lumpur. It is known as the “father of Sunway City” in Kuala Lumpur and is a popular story in Malaysia.

sunway college degree in accounting. One day in the 1980s, on a waste mine about half an hour’s drive from downtown Kuala Lumpur, Xie Funian said to the guests with enthusiasm: “This will be a great place for a new town!” “Of course this is not Easy, but we have dreams! When I proposed to build a house on an abandoned mine, everyone thought I was crazy!” Xie Funian recalls.

sunway college certificate. Turning the waste mine into a new town is certainly creative, but at the time it was difficult to have a “box office” crazy idea. Waste mines, a ridiculous, inaccessible, no one to come to the new town? Even if it is really built into a house, the house is covered in the filled soil, who dares to live?

After 20 years, Xie Funian’s “Crazy Dream” became a real waste mine and became a “Sunway City” that no one in Kuala Lumpur knew. “Sunway City” is a new town with 320 hectares of land and trees, which needs to be transplanted, one brick and one tile. fake certificates. It has the largest shopping mall, hotel, residential area, hospital, university and Southeast Asia. Water playground. sunway college diploma in accounting. Sunway City has been recognized as one of the most successful large-scale integrated projects in Malaysia. sunway college diploma in information technology.

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