What if I lost my degree certificate of University of Southampton

What if I lost my degree certificate of University of Southampton. University of Southampton masters degrees. The University of Southampton, located in Southampton, a coastal city in the south of England, was founded in 1862 and is a member of the University of Ivy League, the Russell Group. The school has grown into a top international university with a capacity of 20,000 students, one of the best research universities in the UK, and accepts students from more than 100 countries every year. The University of Southampton has trained many famous people including John Hyde, who is involved in the design of the Intel Pentium processor, and Stephen Paine, the main designer of the world’s largest cruise ship Queen Mary 2. “The Father of the Internet” Tim Berners-Lee is currently a professor at the School of Computer Science at the School. Southampton University ranks 16th in the UK in the 2013/14QS World University Rankings and 86th in the world. The University of Southampton has a very high level of education and is consistently ranked among the top 20 in many university rankings. It is often awarded the top 10 best university honors in the national student census. The Oceanographic Centre of the University of Southampton is the world’s largest marine research institution, bringing together leading marine research elites dedicated to the evolution and development of oceans, climate change, and technological development to explore the mysteries of the oceans and seabed. The Sound and Vibration Research Center at the University of Southampton assisted in the development of virtual sound research. Astronomers at the University of Southampton played an important role in developing the world’s most advanced gamma-ray space vision glasses “INTEGRAL” and in 2002 collaborated with the European Space Agency. The University of Southampton is one of the founders of the Global Internet University and has partnered with leading international research universities in the UK, USA, China and continental Europe. The world’s largest ocean-going voyage passenger ship, Queen Mary II, was designed and built by Steven Spencer, a graduate of Southampton University.