When can we request York university official academic transcript

When can we request York university official academic transcript? York University attracts and breeds some of the most promising Canadian students, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, 14 Pulitzer Prize winners, and the current President and CEO of almost all of Canada’s largest banks (Royal Royal Bank, Scotiabank, Toronto Dominion Bank, Bank of Montreal), the CEO of three of Canada’s most prominent media groups (CTV Network, Rogers Communications, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), produced a large number of judges, diplomats and Senior politicians, including the current Chief Justice of the Canadian Court of Appeals, the Minister of Finance of Canada, the Attorney General of Ontario, the President of the Privy Council of Canada and the Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations, astronaut Steve MacLean was also educated at the Department of Physics at York University and later went Before the work of NASA, he taught at York University. Alex Shanaider, Canada’s youngest billionaire, is also a graduate of York University.

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